Glashütte Original presented the latest creation of the signature: the first book of the manufacture of the watchmaker. As is often the case, Glashütte Original also undertakes a new direction with this project. Instead of being a classical chronological of the history of the company, IMPRESIONES brings together a heterogeneous collection of personal memories, professional articles well documented and historical snapshots centered in the known watches, as well as the persons who accompany them from its creation to its final finish.

Glashütte Original began work on this new challenge with great commitment and dedication. To complete the project was neccesary more than a year: experts watches, business partners, friends of the company and contemporary witnesses of the world to contribute their memories and knowledge to participate in the publication were urged. The response was overwhelming: a diverse team of authors from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, Sweden, USA. UU., Canada, China and Russia responded to the request with a great enthusiasm.Among them we find to prominent figures, such as the legend of the ice skating  Katarina Witt,  Hollywood actor Joel McHale, vice president of the Saxony State Parliament, Andrea Dombois and Stefan Schwarze, captain of the German Polarstern research. All of them, in his words, helped to compose the mosaic of a Watchmaking of  international character and deeply rooted in tradition that is delivered with passion to this art.

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