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IDeal Rolex Showroom

Tenerife - Costa Adeje

Our Rolex Boutique, the first in the Canary Islands, in the Plaza del Duque Shopping Center in the heart of Costa Adeje, in Tenerife, presents a new and ample space with an area of 100m2, facing the street and with an after sales service workshop where you can have the maintenance of your Rolex watch.

A decoration concept devised by the brand for its locations that is reflected in the materials in each piece of furniture and in the color palette. The materials range from the delicacy of the leather and the warm walnut wood covering the walls to the hardness of the mineral and the beauty of the stucco. The range of tones extend between brown, gold and the green so characteristic of the Rolex brand.

Discover the Rolex collection in its most elegantly designed spaces and know from the best professionals about acquiring the most adequate watch to your likes.